Monday, July 13, 2009

Challenge 49 - Simplify

I don't know about you, but I feel overwhelmed alot of the time... by my to-do list, by housework, by my kids. Sometimes, I even feel overwhelmed when I sit down to scrapbook! There are so many products out there, and sometimes I drive myself nuts trying to find the perfect embellishments.

When that happens, and I feel like my products are ganging up on me (!), I try to simplify. What do I REALLY need? Some paper. Some photos. The rest is all just icing.

So here is your challenge.... SIMPLIFY.

Specifically, I mean you need to limit yourself this way for this challenge:

(1) You may use cardstock (however much you need) and ONE sheet of patterned paper (double-sided is ok).
(2) You may use as many photos as you like
(3) You may use pens, markers, pencils, paints.
(4) You may not use any other embellishments unless you make them with that cardstock or patterned paper.

Remember that simple does not have to mean plain ... you can do alot with a sheet of patterned paper - I swear! After this challenge, go back and use chipboard, stickers, jewels, the works. But for right now, give it a try. Simplify!

This challenge concludes at Midnight on Sunday, July 26th. Link us up here or send us an email to qualify for a RAK donated by Piggy Tales ... A complete collection of one of their newest releases, Row, Row, Row Your Boat:

To see more of this collection, go to:

Jen's Layout:

The title was made by doodling inside some leftover Piggy Tales Chipboard letter forms.

Deborah's Layout:

This Sassafras Lass paper is double-sided and border on the bottom of the paper. Deborah used her Slice to cut the flowers and letters.


mica said...

What a great challenge. I loved to work with the limited supplies.
Here is my page.

Carol said...

this is my take on the challenge. it was super hard to use so little supplies!

mel said...

here's my take on a challenging challenge - in the end I didn't even use PP :)

thanks gals and good luck

NanaBeth said...

I may not have the courage to enter but I have to tell you thank you. Just last night I went in the "room" and actually ended up in tears because I was so overwhelmed. I decided last night to start practicing the principles of this challenge and getting rid of all the extra stuff I have. Shoot I get so worn out just organizing and putting it all away, I'm too tired to create.

penny said...

Here's mine. I lifted April Foster's wonderful layout (which has been lifted quite a few times by other scrappers on the SC site!). I used 2-sided CC paper and then only cardstock and ink.

Carol said...

this is my first time joining in on your challenges and it was fun! here's my layout

Carol said...

noticed that I just barely made it in. apparently your midnite is not in pacific time! =)