Friday, September 26, 2008

Challenge #27 - Working in Wet Paint - Slideshow... Winner to come shortly!!!


Thank you... Marilyn, Kimberly, Mica, Mandy, Marjo, Aude, and Anna-Karin, for sharing all of your incredible art...

I will have a winner tomorrow!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Challenge #28 - Chipboard Piecing

I love chipboard.
It has become such a staple for my scrapbooking that
I truly cannot remember life before chipboard. Really.
I cannot even recall my pre-chip scrap life.

However, I have now accumulated a bit too much
and I'm always looking for new things to do with it
to use it up (so I can buy more, of course!).
One of my favorite new things to do with chipboard
is a technique that I like to call "Chipboard Piecing".
Here's the Challenge:
Get out your chippy stash and figure out a way to use your chipboard
to make something other than what it was originally intended for.
In my example below, I used a tin full of Maya Road Chipboard Scrolls
to create the tree. I cut some of the swirly parts off to make the trunk
and then used several of the scrolls to create the leaves.
I did not use them just as scrolls.
In other words, don't use a heart as a heart or a star as a star.
You have to get creative an see what other stuff is hiding
in your chipboard shapes.

Deb used chipboard gears for eyes in her title:

Brenda used a flower to create a frame for her photo:

Becky used a scalloped chipboard as a sun:

These next two layouts were done as a remembrance
for the scrapbooking community's dear friend,
Aleida Franklin. She will be truly missed.

Paloma used a letter "L" and a leaf to create the candle:

Jen used circles, exclamation points and quotes to make the Butterflies for this layout:

Please link your take on this challenge here in the comments by
Sunday, October 5th. The winner will receive a
giant assortment of. . .what else?
Ready. Set. Go piece some Chipboard!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Challenge 25 - Winner

And I totally left off the winner for this challenge. My apologies!

Joscelene!!! Stephanie chose your layout from the challenge. Please email us your address and we'll get your RAK right out to you.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Challenge 25 Winner and Slideshow!

Oops! We had some problems with our slide show and we didn't get this posted earlier. Here's the slide show from Stephanie's "Tie a Bow" challenge:

As always, thanks to everyone for playing.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Challenge #27 - Working in Wet Paint

I LOVE getting messy when I scrap!!! And, I hope to get you all addicted to being more artsy too! So,...

I am challenging you to just play or reverse stamp in wet acrylic paint, with regular stamps or found objects... like bubble wrap, kitchen tools, old thread spools, fingers, etc... (TIP: The paint can be made more transparent and wetter longer, with the addition of a gel or gloss medium too!)

The idea is to lift the wet paint and/or play in the wet paint to create patterns and textures. (TIP: If you paint a surface first, allow it to dry, then do the wet/lifting technique, you will get cleaner shapes and lines, and a different result than one layer of paint.)

How can this process/experimentation be used??

It can be used to create background paper, as I did.... It can be used on a big element, like a huge chipboard letter or frame... It can be used on a transparency, as long as you allow for longer drying time... Etc... (My example and detail photo are included below, along with the AWESOME examples our DT achieved!!!)

The possibilities and applications are endless! Have fun, and MAKE ART! And, please link YOUR FAB results to this post by Sunday, September 21st for a chance to receive a WONDERFUL RAK from me!... Pam

Pamela's Layout & Detail:

Becky's Layout:

Paloma's Layout:

Jennifer's Layout:

Deb's Layout:

Brenda's Layout:

Slide show and WINNER for last challenge.

So i had a really hard time choosing the winner for the repeat design element challenge. Everyone who participated did a great job! And thanks for participating. The winner for this challenge is going to be Katherine with her Orchard afternoon layout - super cute and love what she did with the apples. So email me your address and i will get your prize out to you soon!

and don't forget to check back later for the next challenge!!