Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome Spring!

It's already spring and when it is spring we always think of FLOWERS! So for my challenge I would like you to create your own flower embellishments and use it in your layout or projects. The more unique the flower is the better. Can't wait to see what you can come up with!


Here I used patterned papers and created it into rose-like flowers.

This flower has been made from an egg box! It’s so easy, try it! Here you are the link:


I gathered a bit of crochet lace into a ruffle circle and added a paper rose to the center. More deets on the how-to are at my blog.

I made flowers by layering die cuts, buttons, brads, and fabric. For the fabric flowers I used pieces of lace, stitching a running stitch through the end and gathering together loosely. Once gathered, I wound the lace around about three times to make a layered flower. It helped to stitch the lace together in the back 2-3 stitches per layer.

I made my flower with pieces of white silk. It was cut into 6 uneven circles 2 of each size, so that each set were each a little smaller than the last. Then using a candle lighter the edges were melted so they curled up. Be careful!! I kept burning myself, so my pyro friend had to finish that step for me! Then I misted each set of circles a different color, layered them, and used a decorative brad to connect them together. I topped that with an asterisk from one of the alpha sets I used in my title.

Layouts for the challenge are due Sunday, April 11th, by midnight Eastern. Next Challenge will be posted on the following Monday.


Deanne Burton said...

Great inspiration!

My card can be found HERE!

Yogi said...

wonderful challenge. Thanks
My Flower/card can be found at this link

mica said...

Here is mine.



Starr said...

Great challenge, I love making flowers! All the DT creations are great :)

My LO is on my blog:

Bec said...

Loved this challenge! As I do all of the challenges. But especially this one as I am always looking for ways to make flowers!!

Here's mine:

Brittney said...

Here's mine!

It's the first layout on the page.

debra lynn said...
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debra lynn said...

I did a layout, hopefully in time! Here it is
I made my flower by hand cutting three different sizes of felt (1/2, 3/4,1") circles, layered, pinched and stitched together for a petal, made five and then I had a flower!

Jessica said...

I know this is late, but I thought I would link it anyway.