Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ribbon Titles

Challenge 55 - Writing with ribons!

Finding a title can be the best part of scrapbooking... as it can be the worst nightmare. After all, it IS the final touch in a layout, isn't it? What a pleasure to go through our stash looking for letters in the right size, the right colour, the right design ... Well, this time we are going to write our title not with those beautiful alphabet letters but with... ribbon(s) or anything similar! I hear you sigh: it's so difficult to glue, it's not easy... I know, I know but... it's also so beautiful too!! Why don't you have a go and show us what you can do? You have until December 6th to show us your full creativity! Have fun!
Here you are what we've done!

Jennifer- I made my title out of small pieces of ribbon, which I adhered with a Scotch photo-splits runner. (Sorry about the wonky background color - white/off-white confuses my scanner!)

Amanda- I created a portion of my title by adhering strips of ribbon to a chipboard letter. I went through several design iterations of this page, one of which includes the entire title with the ribbon treatment. You can see these other iterations on my blog after this post goes live.

Michelle- There are so many great ways to interpret this challenge! I ran a wide red ribbon through a die cut machine to create the heart. The letters are hand cut from twill tape and machine-stitched to my page. I was planning to use Fray-Stop to prevent stray threads around the cut ribbon, but decided I liked the home-spun look it created.

Kimmy- I drew my large letters on a piece of cardboard backing then covered them with strips of ribbon. Inspired by a sketch from Scrapbook Get-Away.

Miwako - I use a wire mesh ribbon which is narrow tube, material is very soft and easy to fix a variouse shape. I play to mix a lots material (poststamp, metal, race, pearl, line stone, vintage, romantic and fantastic). I think that this ribbon is useful for making balance of the different feel materials.


Anna-Karin said...

Great layout and fun idea! I made a title letter out of printed twill. I stitched it to the page, but it doesn't show so well on the scan. Here's my layout:

Thanks for the challenge!!

Anna-Karin said...

I was of course wanting to say 'great layouts' referring to all your awesome layouts. I couldn't edit my post.

April said...

I was excited for this challenge because I knew exactly the LO I was going to do. Thanks for the inspiration! My LO can be seen at