Monday, August 10, 2009

This fortnight’s topic : the masking tape !

Hi everybody ! Time for a new challenge technique!
Ever thought about using some… masking tape ? That’s right, that’s our challenge : to use this paper-like tape everywhere or anywhere on your layout. You could cut it into pieces that you then put on the background, or use strips of it with some gesso on it or you can tape your photos with it on the cardstock… Use your imagination ! Want some more ideas ? How about using the masking tape to write on it or paint it ? It’s all up to you !

By the way, here is what I did with it ! Have fun… till 23th august at 00.00!


penny said...

Not too original here, but it IS the first time I've ever used masking tape on a page. I'm terrible at tearing it!

Gina said...

A great your example!
Here's my effort :)

Jami said...

I had fun doing this. Thanks for the inspiration!


elina said...

Fantastic challenge!!! You are soo creative!!!

Anonymous said...

o year ...
mine is here -->

i love masking tape !!!
thanks for all