Monday, September 8, 2008

Challenge #27 - Working in Wet Paint

I LOVE getting messy when I scrap!!! And, I hope to get you all addicted to being more artsy too! So,...

I am challenging you to just play or reverse stamp in wet acrylic paint, with regular stamps or found objects... like bubble wrap, kitchen tools, old thread spools, fingers, etc... (TIP: The paint can be made more transparent and wetter longer, with the addition of a gel or gloss medium too!)

The idea is to lift the wet paint and/or play in the wet paint to create patterns and textures. (TIP: If you paint a surface first, allow it to dry, then do the wet/lifting technique, you will get cleaner shapes and lines, and a different result than one layer of paint.)

How can this process/experimentation be used??

It can be used to create background paper, as I did.... It can be used on a big element, like a huge chipboard letter or frame... It can be used on a transparency, as long as you allow for longer drying time... Etc... (My example and detail photo are included below, along with the AWESOME examples our DT achieved!!!)

The possibilities and applications are endless! Have fun, and MAKE ART! And, please link YOUR FAB results to this post by Sunday, September 21st for a chance to receive a WONDERFUL RAK from me!... Pam

Pamela's Layout & Detail:

Becky's Layout:

Paloma's Layout:

Jennifer's Layout:

Deb's Layout:

Brenda's Layout:


Marilyn said...

Can't wait for this one! When is it due??

Kimberly said...

This was alot of is mine.

Pamela said...

Great question Marilyn! I've updated the original post with the due date for this challenge... September 21st... Have fun and please share your artwork with us!!... PS... Love the page Kimberly!!! I will add a comment soon... Pam

Marilyn said...

I added my entry to my blog, Description is there as well, thanks for the great challenges!

mica said...

Hi there! I have done many "my firsts" on your blog and this is another of "my first". I have never used this technique before. So I followed the tips. Painted, let it dry, applied paint+glossy accent, then reverse stamped with x-shaped foam stamp. The 2nd image will show the close-up. Thanks for the fantastic challenge.

VanillaCarmel said...

Had fun with this! I used a toothpick to create swirls in the paint for my background page...


Anonymous said...

yes what a beautiful idea !!
i love paint !!

Aude Touzot said...

Here is mine:
I am not a paint kind of gal but I did pull out my paints, mixed them to get the charcoal grey and then use a Glitz roller stamp over it!
Thanks for the push to do something different,

Sudie said...

oh, boy! cool!

Anna-Karin said...

I had so much fun with this layout (even though it took overnight to get dry). Awesome technique! Here's my layout:

Thanks so much for the challenge!