Monday, May 19, 2008

Challenge 19

Tear it up!
This challenge is about using tearing in your projects. It adds great texture and visual interest. The possibilities are literally limitless with this technique, and who doesn't like that as an option?
We are pleased that Core'dinations is sponsoring the RAK for this challenge, so some lucky player will be getting something new to tear!

For this layout, I used Core'dinations for my photo mat and tore the top, middle and bottom edges.

Deborah tore the large background patterned paper to let the background peek through and ground the layout.

Alicia tore the patterned paper along the top edge of her two page layout to create visual continuity.

Jen used tearing to fill in the wonderful shapes she had created with her sewing. This created a beautiful and texturally intriguing way to help tell her story.

All different, all the same technique, can't wait to see what you have to share!


Karen Bowers said...

i've been playing with papertearing! i lifted ashley calder's idea and i tucked lots and lots of flowers under my paper tear!

PattiM said...

Here's mine, I used a templete sketch from Katharina's blog which you can find the link on my blog...(its for a card challenge)

Patti M
(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!!!

Jana said...

Karen - your page is beautiful!!

Here's my page:

(Page displayed on date: 5/19/08)

merdrey said...

here's one of my layouts with paper tearing! Love how the white stands out against the dark background!


StrawberryPia said...

I hope this counts, I have torn the edges and used scissors to get a nice texture on the pp´s! The Swirls are doodled! Thanks for looking!

Anonymous said...

here's mine

yoyin said...

Here's my "torn" page. Had so much fun creating this LO - the fastest one I've ever done in my life (just under an hour). LOL!! :)

hope you like it. TFL!!! :)

Megan A. said...

Here is mine:
River St.

ScräpEmma said...

Hmmm...I hope it´s not too late to play along in this "tear it up" challenge....?

Sandy/tx-nana-scraps said...

Love your challenges!!!! Thanks for helping to push me to to scrap outside my comfort zone. :-)

My LO is a Father's Day LO.

Elizabeth said...

I love tearing paper, thanks for such a great challenge.
Here's mine:

BTW, I love all the examples!! :)

mica said...

Here is mine. Hope it's not too late.

Anna-Karin said...


Gorgeous layouts again! In the last minute, here is my layout for the challenge:

Thanks so much for the challenge!


Anonymous said...

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