Monday, April 7, 2008

Challenge 16 - Go Hybrid!

Karen Bowers is guest hosting this challenge for us. She's a Crew member at a leading digital scrapbooking site. This week's challenge is to go hybrid!

From Karen: While I've been digiscrapping for 4 years now, using traditional paper supplies is not totally natural. It was hard to get my brain around the idea of scrapping without a computer, and my first ever hybrid layout for the Method Playground's Challenge #2, inking without stamps. It definitely was not my prettiest layout, but it got me over the hump, so now I can actually touch those crafting supplies.

I'm offering a hybrid challenge to you all. Traditional scrappers (what we digi folk sometimes call paper scrappers), I challenge you to make a card or layout using some digital supplies. For first timers, I suggest you choose one piece of a kit (a digital paper or a flower) to print out and add to your piece. There are many many available on the internet, for free or for pay and you can find them easily with a search engine. The Studio Girls at ScrapbookGraphics designed and now give you a mini kit called Impressions of Healing and Calm (the full kit is for sale in our store).

Digital scrappers, the challenge is to add some sort of flower to a card or layout. Take an old silk flower apart, find a pressed flower, pull out a marker and draw a flower, print out and cut out one of the flowers from the kit above and glue it on, go into a scrapping store and buy a flower, that's up to you. Just add one!

For any scrappers more comfortable with hybrid scrapping, feel free to go for it. Mix up digital and traditional scrapping as much as you please. Dazzle us and inspire us!

Please post links to your layouts in this thread, and if you want to post them over at Scrapbookgraphics in our Hybrid Gallery, too, that would be sweet (but not required). I just promise you praise on your layouts if you do! Cards and/or layouts need to be posted by Sunday, April 20th to be considered for the RAK.

Also to make it even more fun mixing up digital and traditional scrapping, the Method Playground and ScrapbookGraphics invite you to a chat April 25 at 10 PM Eastern time over at ScrapbookGraphics. So let's mix it up on our pages and with each other! We will have some fun hybrid-appropriate prizes to give out that night as well as lots of laughter and chatter!

And now the cards our team made:

Karen used Lorie Davison's Bouncing Brownies and Bunnies kit and paper from Doris Castle's Cabana Bliss kit both from She painted the Grungeboard crown and added some flowers from Michael's.

Deborah used digital paper and elements from the kit to make her card. She used the Calm Label as a clipping mask with one of the kit papers, added the flower and string and printed it out on matte photo paper. After trimming the card she stamped a sentiment and added a button.

Jen made her card in Photoshop and printed it out. She then printed out another set of flowers, cut them out, inked them and attached them with foam dots. To finish it off she added the buttons and the rub-on sentiment.

Becky did her layering in PSCS, printed and then trimmed to fit the card to a brown cardstock base. This is a great way to create an all occasion card that's easily reproducable that could be mounted on different colors of cardstock for different looks.

Alicia used the brown paper in the kit for her card. She printed out the Frame Accent, layered it with a Die Cut and added bling to it.


Anonymous said...

Here is mine...the cardstock and polka dot paper, flower, side ribbon and button are traditional - middle section with slides is digital...

Elizabeth said...

This has been a great challenge. Here's my entries:

All the examples are gorgeous!

LovelyMiss Kait said...

Thank you for the challenge.
Here is my entry:

Becky said...

Here's my hybrid layout:

Kimberly said...

For whatever reason, I cannot follow these links at all... love the challenge, though, and I posted mine at SBG:

mica said...

I have never done anything digital before. I gave it a try. Since my printer is out of color ink, I printed these flowers black and white.

Anonymous said...

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